XX XX #minivancummm / How I Deceive You

XX XX #minivancummm / How I Deceive You
Linoprint in Charcoal Black + Gold
Dimensions: 11.7″ x 16.5″

A story about interactions with my not-so-smart phone that sometimes glitches a new selfie filter on snapchat revealing to me how it “sees” / “perceives” me before “processing” / “manipulating” my face for pop social consumption.

The print is from a series of 10 for Maldives Independence Day 2017 as the country sinks further into repression. (The hashtag means freedom in Dhivehi)

Exhibited at SOON: EVOCATIONS AND BECOMINGS, 2017 the inaugural exhibition of the Southasia.art curatorial collective at Chinatown Soup, New York. The exhibition considered the impact of heritage, trauma, location, and dislocation on the emerging art and community-building practices of South Asian artists.

“In Fadwa’s work, it is the already established platform of Snapchat that stimulates difficulties of existence and interaction in digital space. The Maldivian artist points to glitches in selfie filters that expose the virtual gulf between gaze/perception and visual production/manipulation.” – Uncommon Sense, 2018, a publication featuring work that applies a decolonial thinking towards the institutions we exist within.

Thank you Somnath Bhatt & Southasia.art

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