Fanara Golhi Font, Thaana Type Foundry


Fanara Golhi is a geometric square variable font that is also available in 9 weights. It is a rework of Fanara to make it variable and accommodate more weights. The monoline construction results in letterforms that are clear yet distinct displaying a neutral look.

The impetus for the font originated with experimenting and pushing the oblique limits of Thaana while maintaining familiarity and vertical harmony. The prevalent slant that is more or less 45 degrees has been decreased to 15 (fanara) degrees in an effort to reduce italic tension.

A Special Mention is awarded to this project for its contribution towards widening the typographic palette of the Thaana script system. – The 12th Granshan Type Design Competition 2021/22 – South Asian Scripts Text Typefaces.

Fanara Golhi on Thaana Type Foundry

A collaboration with Shahee Ilyas.

Year: 2020