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on a broader scale
most of my work tends to revolve around
exploring / experimenting / (de)constructing
potently dichotomous concepts
embracing multiplicities
creating space for more diversity + connections

Selected projects:
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Fanara Golhi, Thaana Type Foundry
A geometric square variable Thaana font in 9 weights.

Nakaiy Nevi
Seasons of the Maldives – a mobile app.

play + imprint art workshop
Gaming with a process oriented conditional design approach.

An experimental collaborative publishing platform birthed post #mvcoup for individuals interested in exploring the dynamic relationships formed by the interplay of social, political, cultural, and aesthetic relationships within the context of the continuously changing landscape of contemporary Maldives.

Identity development for the first mental health research conference in Maldives.

Unique handmade batik inspired by a passion for the sea.

The inquiry of how ideas are translated into form, becomes the basis for logo and branding design development for M SPACE Pvt Ltd, an architectural design, engineering, and project management consultancy company based in Maldives.

Kushehnooney Lah
Artwork concepts, band logo and font for Maldivian band Kushehnooney’s second studio album Lah.

Art for stuff set in the coronaverse.

King Kalaafaanu Manuscripts
How the Maldives monarchy treasured the remembrance of a fallen king for more than four hundred years. Bi-lingual publication produced for Atollscape in collaboration with National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research, Maldives.

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– Maldives population poster and notebook: Population awareness materials for UNFPA
– Maldives census visualisations: Data visualisations & knowledge products for UNFPA
– Fenrakkaa: Identity development for integrated water resource management campaign for UNDP
– Remembering victims to stop street violence: Posters for Human Rights Day 2013
– Lets Go Maldives: Complete rebranding of the travel agency
– MRC VCA Guidelines & Toolbox: Designing of handbooks for Maldivian Red Crescent
– Azidon: brand development: Development of brand identity & marketing materials
– DHL Advertising in Maldives: Brochures, posters, billboards & exhibition stall
– MRC Dengue awareness billboards: For the Maldivian Red Crescent
– Maldives 2006 Census Data Visualizations: For UNDP’s disaster awareness campaign research
– UNICEF Nutrition Playing Cards: Playing cards promoting complementary feeding
– mvblogosphere: Mapping of the Maldivian blogosphere (2006-2014)
– Drawing With Light: Mapping photography & its links to social, political & aesthetic systems
– UN CAT Booklet: Convention against Torture (CAT) Dhivehi booklet for UNDP