Kushehnooney Lah

Band logo, artwork concept + font

The artwork concept for Kushehnooney’s second studio album LAH centred around the idea of ritual sacrifice. Ritual recreates the universe in a symbolic mirroring whose structure depends on the cosmology underlying the culture. It helps shift perspective from the outer to the inner. The ritual of ordinary life is to conform to the rhythms of the machines around and engage with pop culture.

Faaru Punk is a Thaana punk font that emerged during the production stage of Kushehnooney’s second studio album Lah. Faaru Punk came about as a series of experiments to push the italic tensions, limits and boundaries of #thaanatype. The original letters were drawn for the band’s logo. Most digital #thaanafonts tend to display characteristics that can be traced to early handwritten manuscripts. Most attempts at “evolving” the script centre around efforts at making it upright. One of the many possible futures for Thaana to emerge as a contemporary writing system.

Lah album on Kushehnooney’s website

Faaru Punk on Thaana Type Foundry

Special thanks to Fazail Lutfi and Egan Badeeu