play + imprint art workshop

On invitation by Maldivian Community House in Malaysia to conduct an art workshop. While I do a lot of art, drama and dance mostly with kids; this is the first formal workshop I’ve facilitated in collaboration with Omer Ilyas.

We engaged in a morning of creative fun making t-shirts in a beautiful park, playing a simple game based on process oriented conditional design approach to imprint t-shirts with the shared experience. Some curious monkeys also joined in.

Conditional design foregrounds process over finished products. As a design strategy, it is defined by playfully designed sets of rules and conditions that stimulate collaboration between participants and lead to unpredictable outcomes. Playing with human interaction, frameworks and generative systems conditional design offers endless creative opportunities. The systems are simple, the processes are challenging and fun and the results are often surprising.

The conditional design manifesto

Thank you Mohamed Majeed (Mundhu)