Put aside your political agendas, forget the political colours and watch this movie in the perspective of a human being who just wants their basic human rights; the right to exist and to ensure their home survives.

Climate Change nor Global Warming cares about which party you belong to. “What good is a democracy if there is no country?”

“There is no negotiation when it comes to our survivability”, we need a global effort to go from 397ppm to 350ppm.

My home, my country, Maldives, soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth. The global temperatures continue to rise, the anthropogenic damage caused nationally and globally is not helping the situation. Don’t believe me or Anni, believe the signs of Climate Change all around you and the experts who have dedicated their lives to research and find countermeasures. Look at the science and facts before simply signing on to be a skeptic.

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