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via the biodocumentary: The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

Last thing I will say about James Watson…one of the reasons I became compelled to read further about his life and discovery of the double helix was upon learning of his inspiration and foray into science ignited by birdwatching with his father, which reminded me instantly of two minds that have influenced me greatly and to which started their young careers off the same way: Richard Feynman and Charles Darwin. How is this relevant? Read on and bookmark this film (below) on your MUST WATCH list…

Infinity; 1996

Anyone who has read anything or watched any interviews/lectures of Richard P. Feynman’s knows that he was one of the most original, widely entertaining showmen of physics, let alone, the field of science as a whole. This movie condenses his life to explore who Feynman was as a person, how he interacted with the world & ultimately, how he fell in love. The story’s main focus is the way in which he met the woman who would become his wife. Exceptional movie for fans & admirers of Feynman, but a wonderful movie still for those who have not yet been introduced formally to his unmatched genius & persona.

Father & Son

The opening scene from the 1996 movie “Infinity”, showing physicist Richard Feynman in his youth learning a few things from his father.

Match Contest

Richard Feynman challenges a shop owner to a game of calculations.

More on the film here.

Unrelated but still personally “neat”: My name is Rich, from my name, Richard. All of my life I was referred to as “Richie”. So was Feynman.

*Geeky feels*

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