Ayeshath Fadwa Waheed (ayesh) is a graphic designer with a fascination for patterns, processes and systems.

Ayesh specialises in design, layout, illustration and branding design, with a particular focus on Thaana typography.

She enjoys incorporating play and experimentation into her work, using various media and mediums to bring her ideas to life.

With over 25 years of experience, Ayesh has worked on a diverse range of projects that intersect the fields of art, design, and research.

Bank of Maldives / DHL Maldives / Maldives Association of Tourism Industry / Maldivian Red Crescent / National Art Gallery of Maldives / State Trading Organisation / Transparency Maldives / UNDP Maldives / UNICEF Maldives / UNFPA Maldives/ + others.

graphic design / layout design / book making / illustration / logo/identity/branding design / thaana typography / art / print making / animations and video / new media