mother / visual artist

I am a process oriented visual designer with almost 20 years of experience in developing projects at the intersection of research, art and design for dissemination through diverse channels and mediums. Commercially specialising in layout design and corporate identity/branding. I have worked for private businesses, government institutions, non-profit organisations and individuals.

I enjoy collaborating with people from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds; especially in the fields of art and design. Observation, experiences and cultures nurture my independent projects and provide the opportunity for me to develop my self, ideas and learn new skills that facilitate self-directed research. I’m especially interested in the study of typography focusing on thaana letterforms and applications. On a broader scale most of my experiments tend to explore and de/construct the potently dichotomous concepts of “Maldives” + “Dhivehiraajje”.

A couple of ongoing projects that are currently being incubated include:

Nakaiy Nevi A Mobile App for Seasons of Maldives

Naaru self-publishing/organizing online organism of words and visuals

Atollscape sustainable urban futures / solutions in response to the unique geographical landscape of the Maldives

#ksbmi Kalhu Sai Bow Meehunge Ihthihard. Maldives biggest political party.

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