The Coup D’etat and Me

When the first democratically elected president of the Maldives was ousted by mutinying police in Feb 2012 I was living overseas. I witnessed the chaos that unfolded afterwards from afar – through social media, anxious and alarmed phone calls from home, and one line news. I thought I was keeping up with the events with an open rational mind. 

Now I am here in the Maldives. I realise that there was no way of truly understanding what my people when through over the past one and half years. The fear and trauma they suffered in the hands of cold and calculated decisions made by the coup government and the brutality of the police special forces. There is no justification for brutality in the hands of anyone, let alone those institutions which are there to protect you.

Soldier of Misfortune (Blue) 

Soldier of Misfortune (Yellow)


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