#OperationEndherima highlights

• The first case that Maldivian state appealed
• Over 2,000,000 signatures garnered at Avaaz petition (http://www.avaaz.org/en/maldives_global/)
• Whistleblowers from all relevant institutes tipped off despite authorities firmly keeping the lid on information
• #OperationEndherima learned that even the Prosecutor General and the media was not aware Hawwa was kept in prison when the matter was investigated. This is against criminal investigation procedure for minors. The information was tipped off by a person who was in prison at the time of Hawwa’s detention
• Prosecutor General went against their prosecution policy to actively victimize a raped child, a mother whose child had being murdered.
• She was coerced into giving evidence under the pretext of “repentance”
• Government guilty in gross violation of the Constitution in pushing the case
• President (Waheed) did not intervene until there was local & international uproar on the matter
• From the very beginning of the trial, she was represented by the then Attorney General’s law firm. When the case was appealed in the High Court, the Attorney General was changed to the Gender Ministry, who is also the victim’s legal guardian. (Conflict of interest from the very early stage of the trial)
• While the trial continued, the victim was held at a children’s care center but it is not clear if the victim received any therapy then, or now. Court never ordered such therapy be given to her either.
• High Court acknowledges that the prosecution itself was flawed.

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