Truly surprised that the video post, “Why The Future Is Better Than You Think" hasn’t been boosted for #science yet or even accumulated notes. I have never once posted something like this, promoting one my own posts, but I suggest everyone go through the Peter Diamandis posts and absorb it all.

This deserves to be shared with anyone and everyone. I would dedicate an entire blog solely to the individuals and innovations paving the way for the future of our civilization. We blog and share posts about the cosmos and becoming a spacefaring civilization. However, in the present day, there are those who are still trying to figuratively “get to the launchpad". Peter Diamandis, Steven Kotler and the rising billion of 21st century “robber barons" have not only made it to the launchpad, they’ve created a paradigm others are following to not only improve life on Earth toward an age of abundance for us all and generations to come but open the space frontier as well.

From the book, “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, AI and robotics guru Marvin Minsky writes:

"In the past, we have tended to see ourselves as a final product of evolution, but our evolution has not ceased. Indeed, we are now evolving more rapidly, though not in the familiar, slow Darwinian way. It is time that we started to think about our new emerging.”

That’s us. We’re responsible for this new emerging. What we’re doing on here, the way we are moving information around, sharing the latest and greatest, educating others in different ways and trying new ways to reach others around the world on various platforms like Tumblr, and collaborating to close the gap between ignorance and knowledge, scarcity and abundance, – that’s us. We’re on the forefront of a revolution you all must remind yourselves of. This has never been done before.

And this is what science literacy means to me. This is the influence and emergence detrimental to our survival in one way or the other. No boundaries, no titles, no social stigmas. Communities and small groups, like the science community and our ability to diverge interests, cross-promote each other, share sources, collaborate and experiment with new methods of delivery and visualization such as infographics and webisodes.

The community aspect of what we’re doing is everything. We don’t have time for any “know-it-alls”. And that type of behavior is unacceptable and more so – it’s unsustainable. The only way we are going to collectively change things is by staying curious, reminding ourselves that constructive criticism will get us farther than taking a cheap shot at someone for not knowing something you may, and becoming comfortable with our own adolescence, ignorance and failures. We all fall short of our own mammalian brains incapable of processing and retaining data, whereby technology permits us to reach further, educate others and stay curious humble, above all.

From "Abundance”, Henry Ford agrees:

“None of our men are ‘experts.’ We have most unfortunately found it necessary to get rid of a man as soon as he thinks himself an expert because no one ever considers himself expert if he really knows his job…Thinking always ahead, thinking always of trying to do more, brings a state of mind in which nothing is impossible.”

So if we’re serious about creating an age of abundance, then we’re going to have to learn to think differently, think young, roll the dice, and perhaps most importantly, get comfortable with failure.


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