JINS 1: do people ask you what is #JINSEEINGILAAB
JINS 2: yes. all the fucking time

JINS 2: I cant dictate their sex to them right?
JINS 1: I think the goal is to save the people from sexual oppression
JINS 2: yeah! u can say that
JINS 2: cox sexual oppression is the root mother of all oppression
JINS 2: its self / nafs oppression
JINS 2: set yourself free
JINS 1: do you think we should publish this on tumblr this chat log
JINS 1: so unaware peoples can be aware
JINS 2: hehe
JINS 2: its all up to the person
JINS 2: we can only try to instigate in them
JINS 2: the ingilaab will be live twat!!!

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