We’re very used to thinking that we’re simply walking upon a euclidean sphere, in a body, wearing the local culture, and that there is a today, yesterday, and tomorrow to worry about. Thinking this is just projecting and re-calculating our personal self-image and the world it believes it is occupied in against our consciousness. However, if you zoom out a bit beyond this you’ll see that this isn’t nearly as mature or as accurate as it deserves to be. When we let go of what we think we know there are a few things that are commonly encountered: 1) the fractal pandemic—that it’s one constantly evolving set of fractals on top of each other; 2) Morrison’s hyper-entity—that all life is everywhere, connected, streaming out like billions of tentacles moving through spacetime; 3) that thought is a kind of omnitool that can be used for far grander designs than merely repeating itself. (begins @ 7m:31s) http://bit.ly/17w5wAZ

“An anemone made out of people.” (via anti-teachings2)

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