the mind is a vehicle.

it takes you from one destination to another.
it provides you with windows for you to see different perspectives.
it allows you the possibility to travel at various speeds & frequencies.
it protects you from exterior forces, yet is fragile enough to be damaged when penetrated.
it filters & distributes energy in order to maintain efficiency & operate at full capacity.
it permits you to assess situations around the environment with the option to accelerate, slow down, brake or change direction.
it operates at full capacity at all times, with the functionality of a fact-checking computer.
it behaves erratically when placed under intense stress or pushed to its extremities.
it can become unstable & unpredictable when not kept up to recommended (& necessary) operating conditions.
it is operated by a single driver. however, when exterior or outside influences are present, the driver can be deterred from safe navigation, putting the driver & vehicle at risk.
it is operated by a single driver; yet, the vehicle itself may be donated & operated by another driver completely
it has the mobility to not only be removed from the current operator, but altogether donated to & operated by another driver.
it has a lifespan (planned obsolescence?)
it functions differently from user to user.
it requires a specific quality & quantity of fuel in order for it to operate autonomously.
it exhausts fuel & energy at such a rapid rate, that the operator must remain aware & conscious of this in order to keep it from exasperating its energy & prohibiting it from its vital functions.
it responds accordingly based on its interaction with its surrounding environment.
it has a drastic impact on the way you move around about this earth, evolve as a person, share connectivity to/with others, study, understand & ultimately percieve this reality.
it actually has the capability to allow you to become lost.
it is a tool which grants access & manuverability.
it is a sophisticated advantage of the human species.
it is defined by the possessor.
it is an enemy.
it is a weapon.
it is a murderer.
it is a tortuous monster.
it is a significant creation sculpted by the earth, as we are a living breathing part of the earth.
it is, on that note, a prominent & exquisite byproduct of the universe, as it allows us access to areas of our planet, for which we are cosmically binded to & of the universe.

sagansense; March 2012

sikundi – odi

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