CAM signs with MIC Japan on Memorandum of Collaboration against Malicious Activities in Cyberspace

Picture: Mr. Ilyas Ahmed (Right) and Mr. Sato Kenji (Left) Signing the Memorandum of Collaboration

Communications Authority of Maldives and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications signs on the “Memorandum of Collaboration against Malicious Activities in Cyberspace” at a ceremony held today, 23rd April 2012, at the Telecom Building. 

Chief Executive of CAM, Mr. Ilyas Ahmed signed the MoC on behalf of CAM while the Director, ICT Security Office, Mr. Sato Kenji signed on behalf of Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. 

The main objective of this Memorandum of Collaboration is to strengthen international collaboration in order to implement counter measures against borderless cyber-attacks. Since our economy and society are increasingly relying on the networks of cyberspace including Internet, it is of utmost importance to reinforce secure networks in order to encourage business and civic activities in cyberspace.

This collaboration will pave way for the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan and ICT service providers of Maldives to mutually cooperate in implementing sensors which can observe malicious activities within the networks in the Maldives. In addition, sharing the processed information obtained from the sensors which are deployed in the Maldives and Japan will also be carried out to work together to combat malicious activities in cyberspace continuously.

Date: 23 April 2012

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